2015 – 2016 tour is here!  Yes a tour!

Progmatic is currently booking shows. If you would like to book the band please contact us.

Office phone- 457-269-2993
Email –
Venues note: Progmatic also does cover songs (full night shows – Goo Goo Dolls, Foo Fighters, Nickelback, Creed, Fuel, etc. (Yes…Violin added!)

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chris villano

I went to toads place last night and as I left there was a free cd to take on the way out not know the gem iI had in my hand until I woke up the next day pop cd in the player and this amazing new band sound came out of the speakers and now im saying this is my new favorite band of 2013 highly recommend getting a copy this band is the new best thing in metal alternative vibration with a positive messeges of prospirity hope and strength keep your heads up and keep on rockin

Jim Branigan

Glad to hear Chris! Glad your digging the tunes!

Don Bird

I see big things happing with Progmatic AWESOME band stay intouch .Don Bird

Jim Branigan

Thanks Don! Looking forward to it!!

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