The new single “who’s Gonna Save Us” Produced by Micheal Patzig. Album name and release TBA. Jim Branigan – Special thanks to all our fans for sticking by us all these years! We’re very excited about our new single and the soon released album!

Progmatic was founded by Jim Branigan December of 2004. After traveling around the country working with several Bands and Producers Branigan decided to return home and focus on building a new Band, something fresh, and most importantly, something people could relate to. He began posting ads on local and national classifieds looking for musicians. Although he was told building an original Band (in the heart of the Connecticut’s “Cover Band state”) was a bad idea, his perseverance paid off. In his search he rounded up Bassist – Craig Bshara, Guitarist – Gary Stallion, Drummer – Joe Wichrowski and Guitarist – Steve Capozzi. Progmatic played the New England scene and opened for national acts such as “Hinder” “Saving Abel” “My Darkest Days” “Fuel” “Puddle of Mudd” “Tantric” “Whitesnake” “White lion” “Adema” “Dizzi Reed” from “Guns and roses” “Queensryche” and more.

Stallion, a California native left the Band and returned home in late 2005. It was from there Capozzi and Branigan teamed up with chemistry yet to be seen. Little did they know that they would write songs and create an Album people refused to take out of their CD player. With Branigan’s emotional side, pouring out his life stories and Capozzi’s years of writing skills (a Miami University of music grad) the heart of Progmatic was born.

In 2006 Craig Bshara took some time off and Jeff Richardson came into place. Branigan suggested to record at “Terminal Sound” (Waterbury CT) local studio. There, Progmatic teamed up with Grammy winning nominated Producer Edwin Ramos which turned into several studios later (see album credits under songs). This was the stepping stone of “My Clone”. June of 2007 Jeff Richardson leaves the Band and Craig Bshara returns. December of 2007 Joe Wichrowski resigned and moved to Texas. Ramos suggested not to slow down the recording process and refers the Band to Grammy winning (Billboards top Drummer) “Lee Levin” (Miami FL). In September 2008 Drummer Mel Corcino joins the Band and finalizes the recordings. Late February of 2009 “My Clone” is released, an accomplishment of two years in the making. Throughout the year’s members, Mel Corcino (Drums) parts ways with Progmatic wishing him the best. 2009 Progmatic hires drummer Jimmy Quinn a RI native  “We were very worried about finding the right replacement. Our music is by far not something that is just thrown together,” Branigan states. “It’s about the music, the story and how important it’s told, both recorded and live.  Quinn has just that. It’s important to have good songs. With that comes a good player.”  The Progmatic family can now live on- along with the stories. No matter who comes and goes, Capozzi and Branigan will always remember those that made the Band what it is today. August, 2010 Violinist Tiffany Failla was added giving the Band a fresh new sound of the Strings live.

2015 – Guitarist “Lon Moore” and Bassist “Andrew Nave” join the band.  2019 Bassist Maxx Million joins the band.

Progmatic stands for – “The music always progresses forward yet the story never ends.”

NBC Journalist Don Laviano

In February 2009, the pop-rock band released its first full-length CD “My Clone.” The 5 member band has been playing clubs for more than four years, opening up for national acts like Puddle of Mudd, Adema and Whitesnake.

For a first release, the CD is very radio friendly, with at least five songs that you could hear on the air now. Progmatic’s music fits in the genre of Nickelback, Three Doors Down and Creed, and has both rockers and ballads. A surefire hit on the record is the hard rock song “Why I’m Drinking.” The other must-listen-to is the title track, “My Clone.” Branigan shows that a lead singer can do just that – sing, while telling a deep story.

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